Innovative Scale Models,
Hybrid Logistics and Sustainability Goals
diecast model kit for partworks buildup

Springlight has been awarded a


Ecovadis Bronze Medal Sustainability 2023

as a recognition of its Ecovadis rating,
including its partners' sustainability policies.


3D Design, Reverse Engineering Development, OEM Products

Springlight is originally specialized in the publishing field of Partworks collections and series. In this field, not only has Springlight been sourcing many types of products but also learned how to combine and integrate diverse competencies among a same series, as well as techniques and even technologies to come up with very innovative solutions. From static models, mechanical and electronic parts were included, and more recently, it has become robotized with advanced functionalities (programming, walking abilities, telepresence, app control, cloud service ...). The critical success factor has been bringing these advanced features at very competitive costs.

Those competencies in manufacturing OEM products can be transposed to any other fields requiring breakthrough ideas to create innovative products and a more excellent value to the end-users.





Combined-Manufacturing Closer to Europe

In addition to a creative development, with highly qualitative products embedding advance electronic and programming, Springlight offers an Hybrid Logitic Model combining manufacturing in the Far-East, and North-Africa. That way, you will benefits of:
- Shorter shipping lead time (counted in days instead of months),
- Shipping costs reduced to a fraction,
- Less GHG emission (close to 1:10).

GHG (Green House Gas) emission is part of Sustainability which is a scope Springlight pays very much attention to. Concretely, in order to differentiate itself providing higher value to clients, not only has Springlight obtained the ISO 9001 Certification to ensure a qualitative management of its services but also the ISO 14001 to embrass Sustainability.

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In other words, Springlight will bring you breakthough creativity and innovative products, and the benefits of a unique competitive advantage for your logitics and Sustainability goals.


Recycling, Carbon Footprint, SPOPE 3 ...

The first concrete action has been designing eco-responsible packaging with its customers. True that by the time COVID19, disposable plastics were in all packaging. Now, you will see brown corrugated boxes instead, and when opening up brown paper envelopes. Though recyclable plastic materials remain for only minimal parts, if any, they will soon be replaced by adapted paper materials.

The 2nd action for Springlight is to calculate its Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) by proceeding with a greenhouse gas inventory (GHG inventory) of its value chain under SCOPE 1, 2, and 3. Performing this inventory will contribute at a larger scale to redesigning the supply chain. Indeed, to be disruptive enough to tackle the increase in GHG emissions, Springlight is setting up production means closer to Europe, where its primary customers are. Shortening the supply chains will directly reduce your carbon footprint, ... as well as other emissions of GHG, to respond better to the challenges of sustainability.

Circular Economy

Lastly, Springlight's products target grownups and collectors. The buildup models are often the "work of a lifetime" for their owners, meaning Springlight's products are designed and made to last. For those with mechanical or electronic functionalities, they can be repaired.

As for other aspects of the Circular Economy, though concrete subject still needs to be addressed, Springlight remains attentive to the clients' requests

zero plastic and recycling
Zero-Plastic & Recycling
shorten shipping routes
Reducing CO2-eq
circular economy
Circular-Economy Goals

Green Vessels: use CO2-eq metric measure

We shall keep ourselves rational and practical ... When hearing about "Green cargo ships" fueled with LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), it often comes along with "Methane makes no carbon emissions". However, that solution brings you only marginal improvements in terms of GHG.

First, LNG vessels count today for less than 5% of the total fleet, and by 2030 a maximum of 20% when all current orders will be sailing. Therefore, your containers have little chance of boarding an LNG vessel.

Then, though it's true that CO2 emissions are reduced when using LNG-fueled vessels, methane is very much troublesome to handle at extraction, production, and logistics stages, creating many leakages directly into the atmosphere. Knowing that methane's GWP (Global-Warming Potential) is more than 80x greater the one of CO2 at 20 years (GWP20), it means you must consider the metric measure CO2-eq (CO2 equivalent) instead of considering CO2 only. You will then see that the gain in reduction is hardly 10 to 20% compared to regular vessels using CMO (Common Marine Oil).

Quantified Comparison with CO2-eq

This is why Springlight's goal is now to set up hybrid logistics schemes with production in the Far East and a thousand km away from Europe only.

That's the most effective way to drastically reduce emissions while shipping your goods by sea. Data says: the emissions per TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) from HKG to Europe are about 1mT of CO2 when the emissions for the same container from Maghreb will only be 100kg. If you consider an LNG vessel, the reduction in CO2-eq will be ~150kg out of the 1000kg. Still it will remain (1000-150)/100 = 8.5x greater per TEU than from Maghreb.

Manufacturing GHG Inventory

After obtaining the electricity consumption in kWh from its factories, Springlight now knows better where the masses are. In fact, it's important to reduce the emissions generated by the shipping leg, however, manufacturing is the major cause of CO2-eq within its value-chain. Another positive finding shows that depending on the countries' fuel used for their power plants, the GHG emission reductions can go down by 20% (ie. producing electricity in China => 550g CO2-eq/kWh vs. Tunisia with 446g CO2-eq/kWh only source: nowtricity.com). It also depends on how much low-consumption efficient factories' equipments are. All this work helps elaborating improving solutions throughout all steps of the supply chains.

A Mix of Manufacturing Origins

The solution is therefore to implement a virtuous breakdown between the Far East mastering many techniques and skills at higher international standards, and new origins closer to the markets where goods are commercialized. All depends on the complexity of products to manufacture. Assuming a mix of origins at 50/50, we can expect reducing emissions on shipping by 40%, and another 10% on manufacturing when coming closer to destination markets. This would make Springlight saving 80mT of CO2-eq annually based on 2022 activity level.

A Reliable Partner to Achieve Your Sustainability Goals

In other words, not only will Springlight develop and manufacture your products with added value for end-users, but it will also contribute to turning your business towards a more sustainable future, fulfilling the EU's CSDD and CSRD, or the US EPA, or any other governmental regulations and directives.


Eric Duchemin, Managing Director and Owner, has been in this field for more than 20 years in small and larger organizations. Starting on the purchasing and scheduling side, Eric knows the product development, manufacturing, and logistics. Later, moving to Japan to set up a major global publishing group's subsidiary, Eric demonstrated his ability to meet market expectations both on the series thematics and on their higher quality level. Though the Japanese market is extremely demanding, the subsidiary became the market leader in this field with 10bnJPY (90mUSD in 2018) annual sales, and with high profitability. In 2019, Eric decided to start on his own in Singapore.

With a background in engineering, Eric has also been able to follow the changes in technology and even kept himself up-to-date in advanced areas such as blockchain.

After two years of the pandemic, in addition to offering services in series and collectible products, Eric is reorganizing the supply chain focusing on sustainability and, in particular, on reduction in CO2 emissions and GHG.

Jasmine worked in Japanese companies as Production Controller and Senior Merchandiser for many years. She knows about manufacturing processes and the production cycle, from the initial product development to the goods delivered to the end users. Her latest responsibilities were at one of the biggest Japanese retail companies that required strict control of quality, scheduling, and cost negotiations. Jasmine had excelled in this position in both Japan and then Singapore.

Graduated in International Business, Jasmine has also been able to work in fast-paced international and challenging multicultural environments with her interpersonal abilities and language skills (Chinese, Japanese, English, and French).

Today, at Springlight, as Manager, Jasmine coordinates the team between European and Asian Customers, and our partners in East Asia as well as Tunisia, bringing in all her experience and skills to monitor thoroughly from development through production to delivery.

Shalini has a great working experience between India and Singapore companies. Starting as a Database Analyst and becoming Financial Transaction Executive, Shalini took part in the supply chain as Inventory Controller. At Springlight, as Senior Purchasing Executive, Shalini contributes to the scientific aspects of today's challenges of the supply chain.

Indeed, with a Master of Science in Physics and another Master in Computer Application, Shalini has all the scientific knowledge and tools to understand the new developments in terms of reduction of the CO2 and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Today, Shalini monitors our supply chain carbon footprint from raw materials through manufacturing and then shipping. She provides a clear picture of where the masses are to implement significant improvements and meet your sustainability goals.

Edwards Cheng, has been working in Marketing and Purchasing for a well-established electronic company in Malaysia. He was responsible for Strategic Planning in the marketing and sales division. He has performed well in relationships with customers, always proposed innovative ideas.

In a challenging and dynamic situation, he has implemented a clear objective of establishing viable, cost-effective, and strategic sourcing planning for the company. He well understands the process of the whole purchasing and as well as compliance required.

As a Senior Purchasing Executive, Edwards clearly understands the customers' goals. This way will facilitate product development and time-to-market and help to come up with more innovative solutions for customers' series.


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